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 Teatro Verdun - Verdun (Dunes), Lebanon

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About Teatro Verdun (Dunes)

Teatro Verdun is a unique stage in the heart of Beirut offering local and international cultural experiences through various art and musical performances.

Plays, musicals, cultural events and a variety of shows will be presented in a multi-platform seating area arranged to accommodate couches and tables in addition to a nice warm bar reception area.

Teatro Verdun’s objective is to offer the…

Contact Info of Teatro Verdun (Dunes)

Phone Number:(+961) 01800003
Phone Number:(+961) 70692919
Email:[email protected]

Address of Teatro Verdun (Dunes)

 Lebanon :: Beirut Governorate \ Msaytbeh - Verdun - inside Dunes Center Verdun - Verdun Street

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