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 Boubess Group - Hamra, Lebanon

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About Boubess Group

Boubess Group incorporates companies which operate in the leisure industry, particularly in restaurants, hotels, health clubs and spas.

Boubess Group is committed to provide the ultimate in guest satisfaction by combining innovative design with an outstanding level of service.

Our mission is to lead the hospitality and leisure industry in the Middle East by providing superior…

Contact Info of Boubess Group

Phone Number:(+961) 01355117
Phone Number:(+961) 01355118
Fax Number:(+961) 01744242
Email:[email protected]
Email:[email protected]
P.O. Box:11-6254 Beirut, Lebanon

Address of Boubess Group

 Lebanon :: Beirut Governorate \ Ras Beirut - Hamra - inside Le Commodore Hotel Hamra - Commodore Street

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