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About Sea Sweet Jal El Dib Branch

Everything started with a big desire to eat a "Succès", which became a symbol of SeaSweet today. Young Naeem and his two brothers attended a boarding school in Bhamdoon, while their parents lived in Zahle, their birthplace. Naeem had always loved sweets, which he occasionally bought from a shop near his school. He had a special interest in sweets, that soon enough he learned to distinguish between different tastes, even between different flavors of the same taste.

During one winter night, Naeem and his brothers decided to return back to Zahle and earn their own living. Naeem started off in a sweet shop, while his brothers started in a bakery. One day, they unified their skills to open a business. In 1966, all three brothers opened a little bakery and worked 20 hours/day. The bakery was a success, so they decided to manufacture some sweets.

Every brother had his own independent ambition and went on his way to achieve it. In 1976, a banker helped Naeem with his own sweet shop, by the name of SeaSweet which we know today. Despite the deteriorating living conditions during the war years, SeaSweet could survive even at its own expense. After all, continuity is what matters, not temporary gain.

Having in mind many ideas of expansion and renovation of the profession, Naeem decided to enlarge the business. Subsequently, he thought to settle in Beirut. In 1987, the first sweet shop was inaugurated in Mkalles roundabout, where Naeem's brother, Nicholas, was in charge of it.

Naeem's business grew bigger as a result of some bankers trust in him and his ideas. Even in the worst economic circumstances in the country, Naeem could get bank loans for his projects. Ever since, the story of "Succès" remains...


Our mission is to provide handcrafted sweets and pastries using the finest ingredients, and deliver to our customers superior quality and freshness with every bite.


Our vision is to promote and maintain our brand image both locally and internationally, while continuously improving our sweet production and quality.


Quality - Passion - Enthusiasm - People - Safety - Honesty - Responsible - Experience - Know How - Different - Commitment


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