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About Kanaan Sweets Rmeileh Branch

Since 1954 Since his tender age in 1946, Mr. ABD AL-GAHANI KANAAN was connected and associated with the industry of Arabic and Oriental sweets at a time when there were only a small number of sweet shops in the city of Saida.

At that time, most of the citizens in Saida used to sell Arabic homemade sweets and the industry was a self-existent and independent art known and practiced only by…

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Phone Number:(961) 07729104
Phone Number:(961) 07733330
Email:[email protected]

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Chouf \ Rmeileh - Al Awali Bridge

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Branches & Locations of Kanaan Sweets in Lebanon

Kanaan - Saida
Kanaan - Saida

 42  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

Kanaan - Rmeileh
Kanaan - Rmeileh

 9  -  Oriental Sweets Shop

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