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 Kababji Restaurant - Jbeil (Byblos) Branch - Lebanon

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About Kababji Restaurant Jbeil (Byblos) Branch

At Kababji, we use genuine recipes, simple and fresh ingredients and the best quality meats to provide our customers with Authentic Lebanese Grills. Our food is healthy and we use extra virgin olive oil and little to no fat in our products.

At Kababji you can trust us in providing you with the most delicious grills using the best quality ingredients for maximum flavor and goodness. We believe in providing you with warm and friendly customer service.

Ever since we opened the doors to our first restaurant and lit the coals of our grill, it has been our intention to spread the flavor of fine authentic Lebanese cooking to every corner of the globe.

Kababji is a health conscious brand committed to offering healthy and soulful food through quality ingredients and ethical cooking.