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 Center 19-Nineteen - Khalde, Lebanon

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About Center 19-Nineteen Khalde

19 nineteen center is located on Khaldeh main highway, 15 minutes away from Beirut.

Its remarkable oriental themed venue and comfortable furniture, will leave you with great, elegant and comfortable atmosphere.

It contains 19 nineteen restaurant, which is a huge part of a complex enterprise where sushi is served by Sushi Ko, coffee by Second Cup and offers a wide range of German home appliances…

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Phone Number:(+961) 05807800
Email:[email protected]

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Aley \ Khalde - Khalde Highway

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Places inside Center 19-Nineteen - Khalde, Lebanon


 8  -  Various Food Restaurant

Fiesta Forest
Fiesta Forest

 7  -  Leisure Activity

Second Cup - Khalde (Center 19)
Second Cup - Khalde (Center 19)

 3  -  Western Café