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About Moulin d'Or Jbeil (Byblos) Branch

Moulin D’Or was founded in 1984 in “Ajaltoun” Lebanon to serve the local community with the best Lebanese pita bread.

In consideration of the incomparable quality of its products and services and the increasing number of its customer base, it opened in 2000 a branch in “Jeita” which later became the Head Office of the organization, comprising a state of the art production facility with a very impressive showroom, restaurant and snack area.

In its continuous thrive to meet with the needs of the market, “Moulin D’Or” has been keen to expand the following products lines and services:
- French Breads;
- “Mou’ajjanna’t” ( Different types of Pizzas, Thyme based “Manakeech”/Lebanese pizza, and pasta based products);
- French pastry;
- Lebanese dry pastry;
- “Kaak”;
- Lighter line- “Tannour” bread;
- Ice cream;
- Fast food, snacks and salads;
- Cheese and delicatessen products;
- Franchising;
- Catering.

It is the policy of “Moulin D’Or” to introduce on a continuous basis innovative products that can appeal with the requirements and the desires of the public.