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 Rammal Group - Nabatieh Branch - Lebanon

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About Rammal Group Nabatieh Branch

Rammal Group is one of Lebanon''s leading retailers for home appliances. We are proud to be a fast growing electronic retail chain in Lebanon. At Rammal Group, you have a large selection of products for lowest prices and we promise the customer to be ensured with an excellent after sales service.

Since it was first established in 1994 as RAMMALCO, we have built a sincere reputation. RAMMALCO has…

Contact Info of Rammal Group Nabatieh Branch

Phone Number:(+961) 03107056
WhatsApp:(+961) 71370035
Email:[email protected]

Address of Rammal Group Nabatieh Branch

 Lebanon :: Nabatieh Governorate \ Nabatieh \ Nabatieh - Nabatieh Habboush Road, near Al-Najdah Hospital Entry

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Branches & Locations of Rammal Group in Lebanon

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Rammal Group - Bir Hassan

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Rammal Group - Nabatieh
Rammal Group - Nabatieh

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