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About Goodies Verdun Branch

A thriving family heritage since 1880 , Goodies is a delicatessen shop enriched with the tradition of the Halwany family in the food industry, which has been handeled down through generations.

It maintained its quality and freshness to set the highest standards in the field of gourmet food.

The shop contains different sections from daily hot dishes, appetizers, desserts, freshly baked bread,…

Contact Info of Goodies Verdun Branch

Phone Number:(+961) 01796797
Fax Number:(+961) 01863684
Email:[email protected]
P.O. Box:113-5315

Address of Goodies Verdun Branch

 Lebanon :: Beirut Governorate \ Msaytbeh - Verdun - Main Verdun Street

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Goodies - Verdun
Goodies - Verdun

 1  -  Various Food Restaurant

Goodies - Beirut (Airport, Duty Free)
Goodies - Beirut (Airport, Duty Free)

 0  -  Various Food Restaurant