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 Farouj Ahmad Al Abdallah Chicken Restaurant - Mazraa (Bourj Abi Haydar) Branch - Lebanon

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About Ahmad Al Abdallah Chicken Mazraa (Bourj Abi Haydar) Branch

Company History:

The first branch of Al-Abdullah was established in 1987 in the town of Adshit - Nabatieh by its owner Ahmad Al-Abdullah. It was a small restaurant which sold grilled chicken on charcoal in addition to the secret mix of sauce that is being used till present and is the main success of this business.

Branches and their establishment:

After the success achieved by the establisher of this restaurant, the owner Ahmed Al Abdullah stepped up to expand in the Lebanese market and open a set of branches:
- Dahyeh branch was established in 2007
- Ghazieh branch in 2013
- Khalda branch in 2014
- Corniche Al Mazraa branch in 2015
- Hamra branch in 2015
- Adloun branch in 2017

Restaurant Services:

The restaurant serves barbecue grilled chicken with special sauce. While working on introducing new products in the same field Farouj Al-Abdallah also serves chicken sandwiches of different sizes grilled on charcoal, in addition to some appetizers such as:
- Fattoush
- Homos
- French fries
- Coleslaw
- Soft drinks

Future plans and global quest:

In the framework of the diligent and continuous work and success achieved by the company. We are always striving to establish as many branches in Lebanon as possible since our company holds a registered trademark in the Lebanese market is currently working on getting an international trademark from United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As part of a future plan that includes the spirit of one team at work enhancing competitiveness in the Lebanese and foreign market and increasing production and constant pursuit of providing the best service and quality in addition to benefiting from university students and professional labor in the field of hotel management to contribute to the creation of job opportunities in the market and create a productive and innovative mentality that will further enhance the company’s position and production at both levels National and foreign … This is why we have always made the race in the field of supply and production for the best service since start up.