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About Aldo Al Mughrizat (Nakheel Mall) Branch

In November 2002 ALDO was introduced to Kuwait with the first store opening in Al Fanar Mall. Now with 5 stores in Kuwait and many future openings lined up, customers can enjoy the ALDO brand. ALDO Kuwait provides an unparalleled selection of the latest footwear and accessories for both men and women, with on-trend styles at a fair price.

ALDO Accessories in Kuwait

As a natural extension to the ALDO brand, in October 2005, Kuwait opened its first ALDO Accessories. Customers can enjoy the same quality and affordability in accessories as they have come to expect in footwear. Every season ALDO Accessories reveals a new selection of merchandise that is fresh, on-trend and reflective of what is hot on the global fashion scene. This unique retail concept has quickly become a top destination for all the must-haves in accessories and handbags