Comparison between HUAWEI MateBook X and the Apple MacBook Air 2020


With the large number of manufacturers coming out with their flagship laptops, it can often be confusing which the right one to get is. For those who are constantly on the go, they would need a laptop that is not only lightweight to carry around but also powerful enough to carry out all their daily tasks without a hiccup. The newly launched elegant, thin and slim HUAWEI MateBook X is here and we compared it with the Apple MacBook Air 2020 and here are a few reasons on why the HUAWEI MateBook X comes on top.

Light-weight, slim and elegant designs
Both the HUAWEI MateBook X and Apple MacBook Air 2020 boast aluminum finishes. However, there are a few differences to note here. For instance, the HUAWEI MateBook X comes in a little thinner than the Apple MacBook Air 2020, measuring 13.6mm and 16.1mm in thickness respectively. The HUAWEI MateBook X is also lighter than its Apple counterpart, weighing in at just 1kg. The Apple MacBook Air 2020 on the other hand weighs 1.29kg.

In terms of colors, Huawei looks into nature for inspiration, resulting in elegant shades of Silver Frost and Forest Green. Meanwhile, Apple continues in its traditional design ethos and brings back the colors of Space Gray, gold, and silver for its MacBook Air 2020.

Both laptops are light and thin, but Huawei’s flagship laptop is much lighter and thinner than Apple’s, making it the better choice for users who demand portability.

Comparison between HUAWEI MateBook X and the Apple MacBook Air 2020

Top-notch viewing
Since you are going to be spending a lot of time staring at the display of the laptop, you need to have a top-notch one to give you an immersive viewing experience no matter what the content. Keeping this in mind, Huawei has incorporated into the HUAWEI MateBook X a 3K HUAWEI Infinite FullView Display with a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels for a stunning viewing experience. This is complemented by its 90% screen-to-body ratio for a truly immersive display. Meanwhile, the Apple MacBook Air 2020 has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and a screen-to-body ratio of only 82.7%. The HUAWEI MateBook X display is also fully touch-enabled, while the MacBook 2020 is not.

This shows how the HUAWEI MateBook X clearly has an upper hand in terms of display. With better resolution, larger screen-to-body ratio and even a full touch-screen, the overall viewing experience on the HUAWEI MateBook X is better when compared to the Apple MacBook Air 2020.

Smart Features for everyday use
The HUAWEI MateBook X has an advantage when it comes to smart features that you would use on a daily basis. One key example of this is the Multi Screen Collaboration feature in Huawei Share , which offers seamless collaboration between smartphones and PCs. Once a smartphone is connected to HUAWEI MateBook X, the smartphone screen is integrated into the laptop with a picture-in-picture window. In addition to easy drag-and-drop file transfer, this feature allows the PC to directly open and edit files on the smartphone. The improved Multi-Screen Collaboration not only allows you to mirror your smartphone screen to your laptops’s display, but also lets you open up to three mobile apps at the same time for multitasking, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

Huawei also brings to the table the HUAWEI Free Touch, an improved and larger touchpad which offers more expansive space for navigation and creative expressions, and supports haptic feedback for a more tactile experience. The Apple MacBook Air 2020 does have a similar feature here called Force Touch which also provides feedback when drag or rotate objects for greater precision.

Comparison between HUAWEI MateBook X and the Apple MacBook Air 2020

Powerful all-day performance
When you break down to the nitty gritty details about performance, both the HUAWEI MateBook X and Apple MacBook Air 2020 come with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor and up to 16GB RAM, with the Apple MacBook Air 2020 even offering an i3 variant. However, given the current trend of being constantly connected, Huawei realizes the importance of good network connectivity, giving the HUAWEI MateBook X support for Wi-Fi 6. This feature ensures Internet connection stays always fast and stable, offering a maximum speed 3 times faster than the Wi-Fi 5, which is what Apple uses in the MacBook Air 2020.

In addition to this, the HUAWEI MateBook X also offers a stunning audio experience, thanks to its powerful quad-speaker system that delivers rich 3D audio. This is supported by audio algorithms to virtualize surround sound for an immersive audio experience.

Privacy and convenience
Keeping in mind user’s privacy, both laptops come with Fingerprint readers. Apple’s TouchID sensor is located on the top right corner of the keyboard, while Huawei includes a 2-in-1 power/finger print reader, both which make turning on and logging on an easy and quick process. In regards to privacy, Apple decided to stick with the traditional position of the webcam, but Huawei builds it into the keyboard which only pops up when needed, giving users both a sense of privacy and contributing to the borderless display.

Thanks to its key features like its design, display, performance and privacy, the HUAWEI MateBook X holds an upper hand over the Apple MacBook Air 2020. While both are great laptops in quick overview, it’s a few key features that differentiate them, making the HUAWEI MateBook X your go-to light-weight and elegant performance laptop.

Comparison between HUAWEI MateBook X and the Apple MacBook Air 2020

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