Burgan Bank and The Scientific Center of Kuwait conclude the “Be a Scientific Communicator” Summer Program


Burgan Bank and The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK) – one of the centers established by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS) - concluded the activities of the "Be a Scientific Communicator", TSCK’s 2021 Internship Program in Science Communications. 33 students participated in the program, which was organized by The Scientific Center of Kuwait as part of the recently established year-long partnership with Burgan Bank.

This partnership falls within Burgan’s sustainability strategy and its social responsibility program with a focus on the initiatives of supporting students and education and to raise awareness of environmental issues. The program was developed with the aim of encouraging young people to acquire new skills in the field of science and the environment and communication.

The program spanned over two months, targeting youth between the ages of 16 and 18, and was designed as a community capacity building initiative in support of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The program’s main goal was to teach youth how to be effective communicators in the field of science by focusing on communication skills, best practices in non-traditional education, along with critical thinking, creative thinking, and teamwork skills development. These skills were then applied practically on social media, in training in educational programming for visitors of the center, and through the youth’s participation as a “mentor” in the Scientific Center Summer Camp.

Speaking on the occasion, Burgan Bank’s Head of Corporate Communications, Mr. Qutaiba Al-Rabe, said: “We are proud of the success of this inspirational program and of the participants who completed it. Burgan Bank’s support for the Summer Internship Program falls within the Bank’s strategy, social responsibility program and sustainability initiatives. Investment in the Kuwaiti youth and providing them with great opportunities like this program has always been part of the bank’s drive to give back to our society.”

Al-Rabe added, “We also thank the Scientific Center for its remarkable efforts and active contribution to achieving positive change by highlighting environmental and educational issues and creating future leaders. This program is only the beginning of several initiatives throughout the year in which we hope to support The Scientific Center in their goals of contributing to scientific and environmental awareness.”

Commenting on the partnership, Khaled Al-Ramly, Marketing & Communications Department Manager at TSCK, said: “As a community center focused on sparking an interest in science across the country, we are very proud of the efforts, commitment and output seen from the students that took part in the program. The impact they create from the skills they learned will benefit Kuwait, and we are very pleased to have Burgan Bank join us in recognizing the ability of these youth, and the opportunities we need to encourage as organizations to build a more sustainable future for the country. This partnership has already opened more doors to collaborate together in encouraging youth development, and we are excited about what the future holds for the two organizations to work hand-in-hand in developing STEM skills in Kuwait’s future leaders.”

Burgan Bank and The Scientific Center of Kuwait conclude the “Be a Scientific Communicator” Summer Program

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