Burgan Bank Launches Freshly Revamped “Banki”

The Bank’s Personal Electronic Virtual Assistant Gets More Interactive and More Personalized than Ever Before


As part of its aim to build a better, faster and more digitally enhanced customer experience, Burgan Bank announced the relaunch of the all-new revamped and enhanced Banki; the Bank’s voice enabled Machine Learning chatbot. Featuring a series of updated features and upgraded capabilities, Banki offers customers a more personal and more responsive banking experience than ever before.

The revamped Banki is now able to understand customers’ needs better in context as they interact more with it, in order to provide fast, reliable, safe, consistent, and accurate answers in a timely manner; allowing customers to conveniently avoid searching, browsing, clicking buttons or waiting on a call. Available around the clock on the Bank’s mobile application, Burgan Online, and WhatsApp platform in the customer’s preferred language, whether Arabic or English, Banki is able to help customers with all banking related question and inquiries.

Mr. Khalil Majeed AlQattan, Head of Digital Transformation.
Mr. Khalil Majeed AlQattan, Head of Digital Transformation.

“Burgan Bank is in a highly competitive environment, hence instead of offering a regular FAQ chatbot, the Bank incorporated Machine Learning to drive a personalized, remarkable client experience in line with our customers’ needs. We understand that time is a commodity to our customers, so the sooner they can get the answer they want and go on about their day, the more satisfied they will be. In addition, it is our primary goal to empower our clients by investing in a conversational virtual assistant that can answer routine and personalized banking questions. It truly is more than just a chatbot, it’s the most personal chatbot, a new virtual bank member,” Mr. Khalil Majeed AlQattan, Head of Digital Transformation said.

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