Best Diet for People with Blood Group B


Apparently, the blood group B diet evolved later than that of group O or A and is associated with nomadic and herding societies.

People who are group B do well with diets that are high in fermented dairy products.

These individuals do better on ovo-lacto vegetarian diets, which are higher in products that contain milk, cheese, and eggs.

Natural agglutinins in such foods as chicken, sunflower, sesame, and buckwheat may cause problems for a group B person and should be used in moderation.

Group B individuals are generally associated with lower levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and may need enzyme and hydrochloric acid assistance if higher amounts of proteins are ingested.

Group B persons do well with a good balance of the different food groups allowed rather than emphasis on a particular food type.

Info Source: The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Natural Healing, and Nutrition Book

Photo Source: Instagram Account
Photo Source: Instagram Account

Diet & exercise for blood group B:

No blood type epitomizes the 'everything in moderate expression more than B. It evolved at a time when people travelled more, so meat, vegetables and grains were eaten in a more balanced way. You have a strong, healthy constitution and tend to be very down to earth and practical.

🔺Drop a dress size: Combining the O and A diet - a bit of everything. Lucky type Bs generally find it easiest to loss weight.

🔺Food to eat freely: Meat, fish, coffee, vegetables and wheat- free grains.

🔺Food to avoid: processed food.

🔺Personal exercise plan: You're drawn to moderate exercise, which uses your brain as well as your body. Team sports such as netball or dancing classes, three times in a week are perfect.Try to do exercise outside. Sun and fresh air in a relaxing natural environment are energizing and will strengthen baby mind connection.Eg : swimming, badminton, cycling moderately, skipping, dancing, pilates, power yoga, zumba dancing.

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