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Znoud El Sett

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About Znoud El Sett

Znoud El Sett is one of the most famous Syrian desserts, and for a very good reason.

This crunchy, crispy, golden outside is filled with delicious soft homemade cream (ashta). Sprinkled pistachio, and orange blossom jam make this dessert a royal one.

It has been around since the Ottoman Empire served to the royal family and court. One of the governors back in the ottoman era named it as Znoud El Sett that translates to “arms of the woman” in one of his dinners among women having it.

Every piece of Znoud El Sett gives you 215 calories and this is without sugar syrup.

Note that every big spoon of sugar syrup has around 40 calories.

Znoud El Sett

Photo and Info Source: manal.massoud