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Raising Cane's Sauce

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About Raising Cane's Sauce

Raising Cane’s Sauce is tangy with a little bit of spice and full of flavor.

The restaurant uses its own proprietary blend of premium seasonings and spices in this Sauce and the Restaurant General Managers make a new batch every day in each Raising Cane’s kitchen.

The Sauce recipe is top secret and known only by the General Managers, who are sworn to secrecy.

As for Calories, every 42 grams of Cane's sauce contains 160 Fat Calories and a total of 190 Calories.

The sauce also contains 4 grams of sugar, 550 mg of sodium and 18 grams of fat.

Raising Cane’s Restaurant serves Cane's Sauce with Chicken Fingers.

Raising Cane's Sauce