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Al Alali Custard Powder

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Al Alali Custard Powder Ingredients:
Corn starch, artificial custard flavour, salt, artificial colours [Tartrazine (E102), Sunset yellow (E110)]

- Contains Sulphur Dioxide and traces of milk
- Store in a dry place

Directions to prepare Al Alali Custard Powder:
1- Prepare half liter of milk, add sugar to taste

2- Blend 2 leveled tablespoons of Al Alali custard powder with 2 tablespoons of prepared milk

3- Pour the mixture into the prepared milk, stir well

4- Boil the mixture until thick and serve hot or cold

Nutritional facts per 100g:
- Energy: 350 kcal
- Total fat: <0.25g
- Saturated fat: 0.00g
- Protein: 0.40g
- Sodium: 59.20mg
- Dietary fiber: 0.60g
- Sugars: 0.00g
- Carbohydrates: 87.60g

Al Alali Custard Powder