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Royal Chicken Fillets Ingredients:
Pure frozen chicken breast, Salt, Super Bread Crumbs

- The Chicken Fillets are partially cooked in palm oil
- Once defrosted, do not refreeze
- Keep Frozen at - 18 Degree Celsius

Chicken Fillet Fettuccine Recipe:
1- Boil pasta according to the pack direction then distill

2- Chop Onion and mince Garlic

3- Fry the Onion with butter then add the Garlic

4- Stir a little bit, then add fresh cream, Salt, oregano and continue steering until the mix is cooked

5- Put the pasta in a pan with the chicken fillet (with the possibility to have Swiss cheese on top of the fillets ) and insert it in the oven until the sauce is cooked

Royal Chicken Fillets