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Natural Protein Cracker

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Natural protein Cracker Ingredients:
Sunflower Seeds, Linseeds, Wheat Gluten, Oat Flakes, Sesame Seeds, Dried Glucose Syrup, Wheat Bran, Palm Fat Powder (Palm Oil, Glucose Syrup, Cow Milk Protein), Milk Protein (Cow Milk), Wheat Starch, Barley Malt Flour, Canola Oil, Glucose, Dried Rey Sourdough, Salt, Yeast Extract, Water

- Keep it tightly closed in cold and dry place

Nutrition Facts Serving Size(100 grams):
- Calories: 470 kcal
- Cholesterol: 0mg
- Total Carbohydrate: 21g
- Sodium: 338 mg
- Sugars: 4g
- Total Fat: 28g
- Protein: 28g

Natural Protein Cracker