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 Fouad Sarkis - Salmiya (Laila Gallery Mall), Kuwait

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About Fouad Sarkis (Laila Gallery Mall)

At a very young age, the renowned Lebanese designer Fouad Sarkis's designs attracted worldwide attention. "The Star's Designer" marked Fouad's uprising steps in his never-ending mission.

Fouad has recently expanded his international collaborations. He began a Prêt-A-Couture broad production line in Istanbul, Turkey. Fouad’s presence in Istanbul, the city situated at the borderline of the east and west, helped him enhance many aspects of both cultures into his exquisite gowns.

Fouad Sarkis today is a worldwide brand available at all corners of the world for women in search of a unique and daring couture gown.
We do not dress to impress, we dress to create.