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 Second Cup Cafe - Shaab (Corniche Club) Branch - Kuwait

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About Second Cup Cafe Shaab (Corniche Club) Branch

Second Cup started in specialty coffee retailing in Toronto, Canada in 1975 and since then have grown their offerings to better serve their Second Cup café guests.

Over the past 40 years Second Cup has expanded globally and their first Second Cup International Regional Franchise was established in 2003 in Dubai, and they continue to be a second home to tens of thousands of discerning guests every day.

Second Cup opened in Kuwait in 2003 with D&H International as the franchise partner and they are on a long run in the country by the support of their loyal customers.

Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., Canada’s largest franchise coffee retailer, is a leader in the specialty coffee market, delivering superior product quality, service excellence and coffee passion that are second to none.

Recognized as a leader in product innovation, especially in the espresso-based beverages and iced drink segments, Second Cup offers a variety of exclusive blends, signature foods, indulgent treats and premium beverages in a warm and comfortable setting.