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 Naif Chicken Restaurant - Jabriya (Bint Al-Deek) Branch - Kuwait

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About Naif Chicken Restaurant Jabriya (Bint Al-Deek) Branch

Established in 1985 by Bader Bazie Al Yaseen as a Kuwaiti Limited Liability Company with a paid up capital of USD 3 million. Aiming to attain the number one position in providing quality fast food, with international standards, taste and freshness in the Kuwait local market.

Currently operates more than 40 restaurants strategically located all over Kuwait and provides home delivery service.

More than 1000 employees from different nationalities are serving our customers.

Our Advantage

"Kuwaiti and Fresh"

Our chicken comes from Naif Group of Companies and this gives us a competitive advantage as it is, FRESH, high quality and coming from trusted sources (Our farms in Kuwait).

"Vegetarian Fed Poultry"

Naif Hatchery unit produce chicks and send it to Naif Chicken Breeding farms that holds chickens to the production age.

Naif Chicken Breeding Farms only use vegetarian feeds, which is prepared in Naif Poultry Feed Plant.


Naif Poultry Feed Plant sends chicken to Naif Chicken Meat Factory, which prepares “HALAL” chicken (prepared in accordance with Islamic Regulations) and supplies it to Naif Food Company and Naif Poultry outlets.

Our Mission

- Our goal is to give our customers total satisfaction and exceed their expectation through:
- Commitment to the continuous development and training of staff.
- Good corporate citizenship and supporting the development of the society and community.
- Commitment to our vision.

Our Vision

- To become the leading fast food restaurant in Kuwait, by delivering total customer satisfaction through:
- Quality
- Service
- Cleanliness
- Value