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About Infocenter Training Institute Sharq (Head Office)

Since its establishment in 1981, Infocenter Training Institute pioneered vocational training provision in the state of Kuwait. The institute offers a wide array of training courses and pro- grams in the following areas:

- Information Technology
- Business Managemen
- English Language

Training courses are delivered by a team of high caliber professional Trainers who have long teaching experience and are certified from the world’s most famous certification bodies within their instructional area.

To maximize the benefits of the training experience for our customers, all courses are delivered in specious hi-tech classrooms equipped with the latest in instruction aids and technologies. In addition, training venues are supported with prestigious student amenities such as cafeterias and study lounges. Currently, the institute operates at training sites located in Al-Duwaliah with seating capacity of 650 students at one time, Al Fahaheel with seating capacity of 100 students at one time.

Our Mission

- Unlocking individual and professional skills.
- Opening doors to extensive support to internationally recognized certification.
- Hosting the most favorable environment for trainees to a guaranteed success.

Our Vision

- Furnishing updated international recognized credentials
- Boarding and maintaining quality instruction

infocenter “The house of certifications” broadens your opportunities