Burgan Bank Marks the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

with a Seminar in Collaboration with Kuwait Hospital


Burgan Bank has organized a breast cancer awareness seminar for its employees in collaboration with Kuwait Hospital. The initiative supports the Bank’s strategic focus on employees’ health and wellbeing, and its endeavors to contribute at a larger scale to raising society’s awareness about major health issues.

The seminar was organized by the Internal Communications Unit – Human Resources & Development, in line with the Bank’s internal health and wellness initiatives, to contribute to raising the female employees’ awareness around the importance of breast cancer’s early detection through regular screening. The seminar was an opportunity to share medical guidance and advice and highlight key information and facts related to breast cancer including the types, symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatments, and prevention methods.

Reema Al-Asbahi, Senior Manager - Internal Communication & Employee Engagement commented “Burgan Bank is dedicated to developing a supportive internal environment that protects and boosts all the aspects of employees’ health and wellbeing. As we are particularly driven to supporting our female employees, we have collaborated with Kuwait Hospital to offer a 55% discount on mammograms to encourage regular checkups. We have also organized this seminar to contribute to spreading awareness on one of the deadliest cancers for women, and to help advance the collective fight against it.”

Dr. Dalal Al Aradi, General Surgery Consultant at Kuwait Hospital stressed that “Breast cancer affects 1 out of 8 women, all age categories included, with 11 % of women diagnosed with cancer under 40. It is therefore crucial to include regular screening in any woman’s health routine checkups as the percentage of remittance and complete recovery increases the earlier the disease is detected. Initiatives similar to this seminar should be encouraged to help communicate largely around breast cancer and share accurate and medical information that can save lives. We are glad to collaborate with Burgan Bank to contribute to maximizing the benefits of the awareness messages shared with the employees, by spreading the educative understanding of the disease to a larger segment of the community.”

Burgan Bank is dedicated to contributing to positive change in Kuwait through social, educational, cultural and health strategic programs aligning its actions as a leading Kuwaiti financial institution with the needs and interests of the community. It will pursue its initiatives related to promoting the overall community wellbeing and supporting the national health plans on fighting major diseases and threats to public health.

Burgan Bank Marks the Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

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