The Second Women’s Only Beach in Qatar Is Now Open


On Tuesday, the city of Arshamal in the Algariya region dedicated a new beach for women with the goal of delivering "the highest quality service to all members of society."

The action "is part of the al-Shamal municipality's sustainability policy and benefits from its natural resources," Qatar's Ministry of Municipality announced on Twitter.

Almamura Women's Beach is around 15,000 square metres in size and may be entered from the entrance door on the north side. It illuminates the beach with ecologically sustainable solar energy at night.

It is entirely walled and equipped with all of the necessary amenities, including restrooms, security rooms, umbrellas, grilling places, garbage cans, and rope barriers along the beach to keep water bikes out.

Every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., Female security officers safeguard all beach guests.

This is now the second women's only beach in Qatar
This is now the second women's only beach in Qatar