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Created in 1945, it targets men and women aged between 35 and 45 with a youthful outlook on
life and an open, enquiring mind. Through its collections, the Cortefiel brand enjoys a loyal customer base, built up over fifty years, who trust a fashion alternative offering quality and fabulous styles.

Cortefiel offers the latest fashion combined with comfort for those who see the world…

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Cortefiel - Egaila (The Gate)
Cortefiel - Egaila (The Gate)

 11  -  Apparel & Clothing

Cortefiel - Rai (Avenues)
Cortefiel - Rai (Avenues)

 10  -  Apparel & Clothing

Cortefiel - Zahra (360 Mall)
Cortefiel - Zahra (360 Mall)

 9  -  Apparel & Clothing

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