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Buffalo´s Ranch is a casual American dining restaurant. The first branch opened in 2001 in Salmiya. Currently the brand has five locations in Kuwait. The menu features Southwest American and Tex Mex dishes like Quesadilla, Nachos, Buffalos wings, homemade chili, steaks, pastas, burgers and wraps.

The interiors of each restaurant are rustic with booths and memorabilia. Each store has special…

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Branches & Locations of Buffalo's Restaurant in Kuwait

Buffalo's - Salmiya
Buffalo's - Salmiya

 18  -  American Restaurant

Buffalo's - Jabriya
Buffalo's - Jabriya

 14  -  American Restaurant

Buffalo's - Mahboula
Buffalo's - Mahboula

 10  -  American Restaurant

Buffalo's - Mubarak Al Abdullah (Co-Op)
Buffalo's - Mubarak Al Abdullah (Co-Op)

 7  -  American Restaurant

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