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 Gulf Insurance Group (GIG)

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About Gulf Insurance Group (GIG)

For 54 years Gulf Insurance has been part of Kuwait & its people’s lives. We have witnessed the good times & bad times of our nation however throughout our history & future to come we always believed that relationships are one of the most valuable things in life.

In 2012, the decision was taken to unite our group under one flag, one name and one brand Gulf Insurance Group (gig). In pursuance for…

Contact Info of Gulf Insurance Group (GIG)

Phone Number:(+965) 1802080
Phone Number:(+965) 22961825 (Investor Relations)
Phone Number:(+965) 22961999
Fax Number:(+965) 22961826 (Investor Relations)
Fax Number:(+965) 22961998
Email:[email protected]

Address of Gulf Insurance Group (GIG)

 Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Sharq - Block 5, Ahmad Al Jaber Street, near Al- Arabia Tower and Kuwait Finance and Investment Company (KFIC)

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