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About H&M Salmiya (Old Souq) Branch

H&M offers fashion and quality at the best price through a broad and varied range of fashions for the entire family. The collections are extensive with new items in-store every day. This way, the stores are renewed and customers can always find something new at H&M. The goal is that it should be easy and inspiring to shop at H&M and customers should always be able to find something that suits their…

Contact Info of H&M Salmiya (Old Souq) Branch

Phone Number:(+965) 22081083
Phone Number:(+965) 25737881
Email:[email protected]

Address of H&M Salmiya (Old Souq) Branch

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Salmiya - End of Salem Al Mubarak Street, Northern Salmiya Building, Near X-cite from Al-Ghanim Electronics

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Branches & Locations of H&M in Kuwait

H&M - Salmiya (Old Souq)
H&M - Salmiya (Old Souq)

 34  -  Apparel & Clothing

H&M - Rai (Avenues, Grand Avenue)
H&M - Rai (Avenues, Grand Avenue)

 24  -  Apparel & Clothing

H&M - Egaila (The Gate)
H&M - Egaila (The Gate)

 23  -  Apparel & Clothing

H&M - Salmiya (Opposite Fanar)
H&M - Salmiya (Opposite Fanar)

 21  -  Apparel & Clothing

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