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 Souk Al-Mubarakiya - Kuwait

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About Souk Al-Mubarakiya

Souk Al-Mubarakiya is one of the oldest cultural Kuwaiti markets located in Qibla in Kuwait and it's named after Sheikh Mubarak Al-Subah.

This market is one of the most famous landmarks in Kuwait and in Almubarakiya, you can find all kinds of cultural and traditional shops and restaurants.

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Instagram:souq_almubarakiya (personal account about Souq Al-Mubarakiya)

Address of Souk Al-Mubarakiya

 Kuwait :: Capital Governorate \ Qibla - In the heart of Kuwait City

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Places inside Souk Al-Mubarakiya - Kuwait

stc - Kuwait City (Mubarkeyya)
stc - Kuwait City (Mubarkeyya)

 73  -  Telecommunications & Internet

Dar Razan - Qibla (Souk Al-Mubarakiya)
Dar Razan - Qibla (Souk Al-Mubarakiya)

 39  -  Apparel & Clothing