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About Milano Jahra (Awtad) Branch

Milano, Alshaya 's own brand that began, as one store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1994 offering products from various countries including "Made in Italy", has grown to become one of Middle East's leading fashion footwear & accessories retailer, with more than 90 stores operating across MENA.

The Milano mark is synonymous with one of the world's most revered fashion capitals. It is a representation…

Contact Info of Milano Jahra (Awtad) Branch

Phone Number:(+965) 1821212 (Alshaya)
Phone Number:(+965) 22244180
Phone Number:(+965) 22244262
Email:[email protected]

Address of Milano Jahra (Awtad) Branch

 Kuwait :: Jahra Governorate \ Jahra - inside Awtad Mall Jahra Branch - Block 3, between Marzouq Al Meteab Street and Mohammad Dayf Allah Al Qahs (Ain Jalut Street)

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Branches & Locations of Milano in Kuwait

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Milano - Salmiya (Al Fanar)

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Milano - Jahra (Awtad)
Milano - Jahra (Awtad)

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