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 Jarir Bookstore - Salmiya (Boulevard) Branch - Kuwait

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About Jarir Bookstore Salmiya (Boulevard) Branch

Jarir is the market leader in office supplies, school supplies, I.T. products, Mobiles & Accessories, and books. Jarir Bookstore is well reputed and highly respected in Kuwait among its customers and among the business community.

The company is led by a strong management team with effective leadership skills that respects individual initiative and provides opportunities for personal growth to…

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Phone Number:(+965) 1801802
Email:[email protected]

Address of Jarir Bookstore Salmiya (Boulevard) Branch

 Kuwait :: Hawalli Governorate \ Salmiya - inside Salmiya Boulevard

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Branches & Locations of Jarir Bookstore in Kuwait

Jarir Bookstore - Egaila (Sama)
Jarir Bookstore - Egaila (Sama)

 150  -  Bookstore, Electronics

Jarir Bookstore - Rai (Ghazali Road)
Jarir Bookstore - Rai (Ghazali Road)

 98  -  Bookstore, Electronics

Jarir Bookstore - Salmiya (Boulevard)
Jarir Bookstore - Salmiya (Boulevard)

 75  -  Bookstore, Electronics

Jarir Bookstore - Hawally (Park)
Jarir Bookstore - Hawally (Park)

 60  -  Bookstore, Electronics

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