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 Harkous Chicken Restaurant

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About Harkous Chicken Restaurant

The famous Lebanese Harkous Chicken Group known in Lebanon since 1974.

The founder of the first Harkous Chicken shop, the father of the operators of the company, worked hard to build his business and raise his family with two clear objectives, on the business side by serving fresh tasty product at a great value, and on the family side by guiding and teaching his kids honesty, hard work…

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Phone Number:(961) 05807654 (Management)
Email:[email protected]

Branches & Locations of Harkous Chicken Restaurant in Lebanon

Harkous Chicken - Haret Hreik
Harkous Chicken - Haret Hreik

 414  -  Shawarma, Chicken Restaurant

Harkous Chicken - Khalde
Harkous Chicken - Khalde

 150  -  Shawarma, Chicken Restaurant