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 Assaha Hotel - Ghobeiry Branch - Lebanon

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About Assaha Hotel Ghobeiry Branch

Located less than 4 km from Rafic Hariri Airport, its design looks like an authentic Lebanese village. Traditional craft shops, a butcher and restaurants are set around the central square.

Each room's décor is unique and reflects different civilizations. All of them include balconies, minibars and flat-screen TVs with satellite channels.

Guests can enjoy the sun on Assaha Hotel's terrace, or…

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Phone Number:(+961) 01456101
Phone Number:(+961) 01456102
Phone Number:(+961) 1543 (Hotline)
Fax Number:(+961) 01456103
Email:[email protected]

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 Lebanon :: Mount Lebanon Governorate \ Baabda \ Ghobeiry - Airport Road, opposite to BLOM Bank

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Assaha - Ghobeiry
Assaha - Ghobeiry

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