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About Cozmo Café Restaurant

Cozmo in name, Cosmopolitan in style. Cozmo Café is yet another creation brought to the Lebanese Food & Beverages (F&B) industry by Boubess Group, the nation’s leading hospitality company.

Cozmo Café serves up an international menu including a wide variety of delicacies, drinks, coffee and desserts.

Also, a unique Asian conveyor adds a quality to the already entertaining dining experience of…

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Cozmo Café - Achrafieh (ABC)
Cozmo Café - Achrafieh (ABC)

 16  -  Various Food Restaurant

Cozmo Café - Downtown Beirut (Zaituna Bay)
Cozmo Café - Downtown Beirut (Zaituna Bay)

 4  -  Various Food Restaurant