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 Youssef Kamoun - Ras Beirut (Hamra), Lebanon

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About Youssef Kamoun

For a decade and a half, Lebanese-born designer Youssef Kamoun has been gracing the fashion scene with his stylish and delicate couture designs and concepts.

With a devout following keeping up with his yearly shows and collections, he has won the hearts of many, crossed borders to European fashion capitals, and conquered new frontiers by becoming the first-ever designer to exhibit for high society…

Contact Info of Youssef Kamoun

Phone Number:(+961) 01862662
Phone Number:(+961) 03597945
Fax Number:(+961) 01862662
Email:[email protected]
YouTube:Youssef Kamoun Couture

Address of Youssef Kamoun

 Lebanon :: Beirut Governorate \ Ras Beirut - Hamra - Sadat Street, Atiyah Building, 1st floor

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